Tuition Rates

PEP strives to keep the cost of tuition as low as possible without compromising the overall program.  Any additional fees are listed on the Tuition Rates form. There are not hidden fees throughout the year.  Each family is responsible for purchasing their own textbooks. The costs listed on the form are for new books; however, most PEP books may be purchased used at a fraction of the cost, if preferred.

Tuition Rates 2019-2020

The total tuition for each student is calculated upon the completion of the registration process and is automatically split into eight payments, due May thru December.  All tuition must be paid by December to ensure that the program can operate efficiently.  Once a student is enrolled in PEP, tuition is non-refundable.  PEP leadership makes decisions regarding number of classes, number of tutors, and overall class schedule based on a committed number of students.

PEP, Inc. holds an endowment fund for severe financial needs.  For questions about financial aid or to receive a scholarship application, please contact Tammy Treft, Executive Director.