Providence Extension Program (PEP) is a unique concept in education. We combine the best aspects of home education and classical Christian school for 7th- through 12th-grades.

Our objective is to come alongside actively involved parents, providing them with a Christ-centered, financially appealing, college preparatory alternative that trains students to employ sound reasoning while developing a strong biblical life and worldview, equipping them with the tools for self-government.

Each school year we gather privately contracted tutors who are proficient in the subjects they teach, to meet with students once or twice a week for inspiring classroom instruction and discussion. Students study and complete the academically challenging and uniquely biblical coursework at home. PEP equips students to be "salt and light" in whatever career path God leads them.

We are committed to maintaining a safe, encouraging, and vibrant Christian social environment where the values and virtues taught in the home are graciously affirmed and upheld. We offer our program in multiple locations.  Please browse through our site and be encouraged that you can continue to home school by partnering with PEP.

“We should be consciously preparing the next generation for the new battles it will face.”
~Francis Schaeffer

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