High school Transcripts

A crucial component of college acceptance is the high school transcript and supplemental documentation.

A strong high school transcript has the following attributes:

  • School and student information

  • One to two-page summary of high school courses

  • Cumulative and grade-level GPA

  • Total Credits Earned

Additionally, it could be beneficial to include the following attachments:

  • Course Descriptions

  • Bibliography of Text Resources, or Book List

  • Activities Resume detailing a student’s extra-curricular activities (such as employment, athletics, awards, community service, etc.)

Download a sample transcript, course description list, book list, and activities resume below.

How to Calculate GPA

Need help calculating your student’s GPA? Download a GPA calculation sheet here, created by one of our PEP administrators, Joanne Mastronicola!

Honors Courses

An honors level course is typically taught at the high school level with a more rigorous component added on. Most honors courses will typically include a large research project, additional readings and evaluation of those readings, or accelerated work above and beyond the typical textbook approach. In other words, more rigorous work - not just additional work.

It is important to note that just because a course is more difficult for your student does not automatically make it an honors course. The coursework must go above and beyond the typical high school course. At PEP, the Humanities Core classes are considered to be honors-level courses.