CCP/DUal Enrollment

As you consider educational options for your student’s high school years, you may come across an option called College Credit Plus (CCP) or Dual Enrollment through a local college or university. One the surface it appears to be a tremendous opportunity. However, consider the following points carefully as you weigh this option for educating your high school student:

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment will not provide a Christian high school education.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment will not facilitate significant involvement in your child’s life and education or present opportunity for teachable moments.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment often does not live up to the promise of providing academic challenge.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment grades go on your child’s college transcript.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment may not be accepted at your student’s ultimate college choice.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment is not realistic preparation for life.

  • CCP or Dual Enrollment will not equip your student to live as a Christian and provide the tools to make biblically grounded decisions.

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Read the below article by Patrick Deneen, a university professor, to be encouraged to stay in the Humanities Core classes at PEP throughout high school.

How a Generation Lost its Common Culture by Patrick Deneen

PEP Perk

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