To enable parents to provide a home-based, Christ-centered, academically challenging secondary education.


To fulfill the Great Commission by discipling a new generation of students to have a passion for glorifying God through their ability to think as freemen, to reason biblically, and to discern and communicate Truth to all areas of society.


  • Freedom
    We embrace the biblical principles of freedom that are endowed by our Creator and believe it is a Christian duty to preserve them.
  • Discipleship Model of Education
    We believe the home is the primary place of study and learning and a child’s primary teachers are his parents; the Church is called to support this effort.
  • Biblical Worldview
    We impart a biblical worldview and encourage setting the principles of God in action.
  • Cultural Mandate
    We recognize the role of the gospel in redeeming and restoring every part of the world and society.
  • Loving Communication
    We foster straightforward and loving ways of dealing with one another between everyone in our ministry. If we have not love, we are nothing.
  • Classical Education
    We value the principles of Classical Education and the connection of academic disciplines.


Providence Extension Program shall not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or national or ethnic origin in connection with any of the rights, privileges, policies, programs and activities generally accorded, made available or administered.

philosophy of education

We believe it is the responsibility of parents to train the minds of their own children. However, parents often join with others to provide the best possible educational experiences for their children. Providence Extension Program desires to work with parents for the benefit of the individual child and family.

We believe that God grants wisdom, understanding, and knowledge to those who ask Him and acknowledge His preeminence in every arena of life. We teach from the perspective that there is objective Truth which can be discovered and is founded on the principles taught in the Bible.


Since we believe that the classical approach to education best enables students to think critically and accurately, we embrace the concepts of teaching grammar, logic, and rhetoric throughout our curriculum and methods.

“An education without God is no education at all.”
~ Martin Luther