College Admissions Testing

Most colleges require a form of college admissions testing as part of the student’s application. There are several options available to your student depending on their desired college, desired major, and academic background.

SAT - A national college admissions examination includes a Reading Test, Writing and Language Test, and a Math Test. The SAT has an optional essay component, which some colleges will require.

ACT - A national college admissions examination that consists of subject area tests in English, Mathematics, Reading, and Science. The ACT has an optional writing component.

CLT - A new standard for college entrance assessments. Tests for grammar, literary comprehension, and mathematical and logical reasoning; it also contains an optional, ungraded essay portion. It is an alternative to the SAT and ACT, and is accepted by one hundred and fifty colleges across the country; many colleges that accept the CLT offer academic scholarships to high-scoring students.

Unsure which test your student should take? Visit here to learn about the differences between the SAT and ACT as well as here to learn more about the CLT.

The SAT also provides SAT Subject Tests, which are college admission exams on specific subjects. These are the only national admission tests where you choose the tests that best showcase your strengths and interests.

Note: Each of the above college admissions tests have a pre-test version available for younger students, provided as a way to prepare for these tests. Visit the websites above for further details.

Need help planning when your student could take any of the above college admissions tests?

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